Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fun Cartoon Animal Inspired Throw Pillows

Gorgeous Cushions with a Fun Personality

There's just something fun about throw pillows/cushions that feature cartoon animals. I think it's because they make us think of our childhood briefly so we get a smile on our face as we look at them! I've found a selection of these throw cushions for you to enjoy via a Zazzle store called Cartoon Animals.

These throw pillows come in a range of different colors such as blue, red, green, purple, pink and more.

Blue Throw Pillows with Cartoon Animals

Here's a few ideas of the options if you'd like to add a splash of blue to your decor......

Green Throw Pillows featuring fun Cartoon Animals

If you're after a shade of green for your decor then these fun cushions are available....

Cartoon Animal Throw Pillows with Orange Background

If you're after a pop of orange in your cushion then these next throw pillows will be perfect for you.....

Fun Red Throw Pillows

If you love the color red for your home accessories then you're in for some fun pops of color with these cartoon animal inspired cushions.....

More Fun Cartoon Animal Inspired Throw Pillows

Of course there are more colors to choose from if you really want to feature these cool throw pillows like these next ones that I've compiled for you....

All of the cartoon animals featured on the pillows are available on all of the colors featured via this Zazzle store. The throw pillows themselves are available in either polyester or cotton, obviously the polyester ones are cheaper, but the cotton ones get a lot better reviews and they're the only ones I've actually seen so they're the ones I would recommend.

When I first saw these designs I was thinking of kids rooms, but they add a bit of fun anywhere in the home really. I've seen fun cushions used on some of the Interior Design shows on television as a way to add a pop of color into a living room and personally I love the idea of adding a fun throw pillow or two into my home office. I'm just trying to decide whether to go for a penguin or zebra in there as I already have an owl throw pillow that I really love in my office.

Which of these throw pillows do you love the most and where do you think they'd look good in your home?

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