Saturday, November 14, 2015

Take One Throw Pillow....

One Black & White Moody Cushion......

Six Different Looks with One Throw Pillow

This post features just one throw pillow that I like the look of. It's an image of a black and white treescape which just appeals to me because it's very moody. The link below to polyvore shows how just one throw pillow can be used in different ways to create 6 different looks -

One Throw Pillow Six Looks

Inside the egg chair it takes on a much more youthful look and one that would look great in a teenager's room, but in the purple armchair it wouldn't look out of place in a library inside a stately home - two very different places.

If I were to purchase this throw pillow I would put it on my teenager's bed with a bold black and white chevron designed duvet cover which we just saw yesterday, they'll both go really well with her bright pink textured throw pillow that adds a pop of color to her black, white and grey room.

The link above will take you to polyvore where you can find all of the chairs used, if you want the throw pillow however, I have the link right here -

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