Monday, July 8, 2013

Mint Throw Pillows

Mint green is a very sought after color this year by both the fashion and beauty industry as well as the interior design industry.   One way to add this ultra-cool color into your home decor (without having to totally re-do your house) is to add a throw pillow or two.

There are lots of different styles that you can go for with mint green from dots to chevron stripes and other patterns -

Magic Mint and White Polka Dot Pattern Throw Pillows Mint Green Gray Girly Modern Polka Dots Pattern Throw Pillow
Mint Big Dot Throw Pillow Magic Mint and White Quatrefoil Pattern Pillow
Mint Green Chevron Pillows Custom Monogram Initial Mint Green Tile Pattern Throw Pillow
Mint Green has the advantage of being able to carry off a number of different decorating styles from the beach themed to vintage styling, sophisticated styles through to fun, cute decorating themes.

Mint green styled cushions with starfish on them or thick mint and white chevron stripes would be perfect for a casual beach cottage themed design and would certainly give a very serene feel to a room.   It's the vintage beach themed throw pillows that I most like though such as these -

Vintage Beach Themed Throw Pillows

Mint Vintage Octopus & Nautical Stripes Throw Pillows Vintage Jellyfish Throw Pillows
There's just something about mint and vintage designs and as vintage is all the rage again these days then we must definitely include a few designs for you to choose from here -

Vintage Mint Green Cushions

There are some lovely vintage throw pillows to choose from here which I'm sure you'll love

Mint Vintage Owl & Polka Dots Pillow Pastel Mint Green Vintage Floral Damasks Throw Pillow
Antique Floral Design Throw Pillow Mint green textured vintage styled throw pillow
Of course there are lots of other styles and designs of mint throw pillows to choose from including ones that add a touch of fun to a room.

Fun & Cute Mint Throw Pillows

Now don't just think of these cushions as ones designed for children's rooms as they can add a touch of fun or a 'cute' factor in a number of different other rooms as well.

Funny mustache and sunglasses face mint green pillow Cartoon Cow on Mint Pillow
Cute mint green rabbit Pillow Dalmatian Pillows

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