Friday, June 28, 2013

Aqua Throw Pillows

Aqua is certainly a gorgeous color and is one that usually evokes the thoughts of summer and the beach in my which is why it's perfect for beach decor.   I've recently seen the color used in a range of other interior designs however which are far from beachy in tone - aqua has come of age!

Aqua comes in a range of shades, some lighter, some darker, some with more blue and some with more green which is why it's so hard to pinpoint it at times.   If you just want some plain aqua cushions to use among whatever patterned throw pillows you have then check out this selection (the shades are all slightly different, yet the color is still called aqua)

Dark and Light Aqua Blue Gradient - Turquoise Pillows Light Aquafresh Aqua Blue Green Fashion Color Pillows Aqua American MoJo Pillow

I like the first one best with the color gradient on it - that is a pretty cool looking cushion.

Aqua Beach Themed Throw Pillows

If you do want to use aqua for a beach theme, however, then these cushions will certainly do the job beautifully.   The first pillow would also work for some other themes, but I do like to see chevron stripes with beach decor.

Chevron Aqua and White Pillow Serene Beach Sea Oats & Blue Water Pillow Image of Aqua Green Glitter Anchor on Wavy ZigZag Throw Pillow

Vintage Inspired Aqua Cushions

If you're after a touch of vintage decor then you can also use aqua throw pillows.   Vintage birds is a design that goes well with Edwardian or even Victorian elements added ..... and an antique bird cage in the room is a lovely touch too.

Of course if birds aren't your thing there's always the extremely popular 1920s fashion and art deco looks that seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment, even in interior design.

If you're after some 20s Art Deco design elements then these aqua cushions will help add a little something extra to your room -

Shelby, 1920s Lady in Aqua and Teal Throw Pillow Seaside Deco in Aqua, Teal & Yellow Throw Pillows EVE, Art Deco Lady in Aqua and Teal Throw Pillows

Cute Aqua Throw Pillows

Of course there's always the cute aqua throw pillows to consider, these are usually associated with children's bedrooms or playrooms, but they can inject a touch of fun into all different rooms in your home.   An office with a fun, cartoon inspired cushion can help alleviate too much stress when paying bills or working from home.   A lounge room with a cute cushion shows that the homeowners have a sense of humor with their decorating.

Let's have a look at some of the cute aqua cushions I've found for you.

Cartoon Sheep on Aqua Pillow Cute Hot Aqua Monster Face w/ an Underbite Pillow Cute Aqua Owl Hot Pink Feet Pillow

Aztec Style Aqua Cushions

I haven't seen Aztec patterns used a lot in recent years which means that they must be due to be making a comeback soon.   When I found some aqua themed Aztec throw pillows they just showed such a freshness that I'm surprised interior designers around the world haven't jumped on them yet, but they will so why not get in first with some of these cool designs?

Aqua Aztec Pattern Pillow Aztec Pattern, pink teal aqua glitter photo print Throw Pillow Purple and Aqua Tribal Beat Zigzag Stripes Pattern Throw Pillow

More Aqua Throw Pillows

Of course there's lots of different designs of cushions to choose from including casual, sophisticated, fun and more, but there's only so much space to write about them so I'll leave you with 6 cool aqua cushions that I think are pretty cool.

Aqua Ombre Glitter Pillows Crazy Teal Blue Patterns Circles Floral Plaid Wave Throw Pillow Pretty Abstract Floral Pattern in Teal and Grey Pillow Amour Blue French Eiffel Tower Pillow Ocean Dreams - Aqua and Violet Ocean Fantasy Pillows Pretty Turquoise Aqua Teal Mosaic Tile Pattern Throw Pillow

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