Saturday, June 15, 2013

Purple Throw Pillows

Purple is my favorite color and is a great color to use as an accent in your home decor. Purple has regal overtones so you could be adding a touch of class to a room when you use one of these purple throw pillows to inject a little color.

Purple helps to give warmth to black and grey color palates and also contrasts nicely with green palates. There are so many different shades of purple to choose from you'll be able to match at least one of them to your home decor if you'd like to.

I've compiled a great selection of American MoJo pillows for you with some awesome designs on them. These decorative pillows make a fantastic accent when used on chairs, the sofa or even in the bedroom.

Throw Pillows to Help Accent Your Home Decor with the Color Purple

Purple Pillows for Your Home

Whether you're after some plain purple throw pillows or purple pillows with some kind of design or pattern on them you'll find a great collection of accent pillows right here to add a little purple into your home.

Purple throwpillowPurple throwpillowPink & Purple Throw Pillow throwpillow

Purple Dot Inspired Throw PIllows

Let's Go Dotty for Purple!

I always think that dots add a sense of fun to a room which is why I like to add dotty cushions to more casual and relaxed rooms such as the family room, media room or even a home office (you have to inject a little fun if you're working from home!)

Dark Purple Polka Dots Pattern throwpillowPurple Dot Abstract American MoJo Pillow throwpillowPurple dot pillow throwpillow Designer Polka Dot Throw Pillow throwpillowMod Dots on Dots American MoJo Pillow throwpillowPolka Dot Madness Mojo pillow throwpillow

Purple Striped Throw Pillows

A Gorgeous Collection of Decorative Pillows for Your Home

When I think of striped cushions I generally think of more formal lounges ........ until I saw these purple ones that is. I think some of these designs are really fun and some like the first chevron stripe design work well with both a formal and a casual decor.

Purple & White Chevron Chic Throw Pillow throwpillowPurple black funky stripes throwpillowSmall Purple Stripes throwpillow Striped Out in Purple throwpillowPurple Block Stripe Pillow throwpillowZig Zags And Stripes - American Mojo pillow throwpillow

Purple Animal Print Pillows

Zebra Print & Leopard Print Cushions

Purple white zebra animal print throw pillow throwpillow

Animal prints have grown in popularity over the last few years again in both the fashion stakes and the home decor arena. Purple lends itself very nicely to animal print designs such as the Zebra and Leopard prints we have on this throw pillows.

You can even personalize this first purple zebra print pillow which would be great for a teen bedroom, in fact my dd would love animal print throw pillows for her bed and keeps pointing them out to me in an array of different colors!

Purple Zebra American MoJo Pillow throwpillowPillows Purple Leopard Bow Black Pink Silver Rose throwpillowGlitter Zebra Pillow throwpillow

Purple Butterfly Cushions

Perfect Throw Pillows for a Bedroom

When you think of butterfly inspired throw pillows one of the colors that first come to mind is purple. Purple butterfly designs are very popular in a range of bedding decor which is why I think these purple throw pillows would be great for on a bed.

Purple Butterflies on a Branch American MoJo throwpillowPurple Butterfly throwpillowVintage Butterflies throwpillow

More Purple Patterned Throw Pillows

Great Cushions for Your Sofas, Chairs and Beds

There's lots of different styles of home decor which is why there are so many different styles of accessories for you to choose from. If you haven't yet found the perfect purple accent for your home then hopefully you'll find it in this eclectic selection of purple decorative pillows -

Swirl Pool throwpillowDamask Purple Vintage Chandelier {pick your color} throwpillow MoJo Pattern Pillow throwpillowStylish Lavender Damask Designer Pillow throwpillowLavender Doodles Pattern throwpillow Lavender Days throwpillowMarie Antoinette Versailles Purple Haze Pillow throwpillowpurple beauty throwpillow Purple Majesty Pillow throwpillowPurple plaid throw pillow throwpillowPurple paisley throw pillow throwpillow
Purple is my absolute favorite color so I'd love any of these throw pillows in my home!   I hope you've enjoyed my selection and if you're still looking for throw pillows you can find a cool selection of them at Unique and Decorative Throw Pillows or even at Great Home Decor Ideas.

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