Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red Throw Pillows

Red is a very vibrant color that can be lovely in a home, but it can also be a little overwhelming for some people. I have a friend who has a red feature wall in every home she's built and she loves it - I think it looks great, but I wouldn't be able to live with such a big block of red in my main living area, my husband loves red however so I use it as an accent color and that keeps us both happy.

I love flashes of red in artwork, especially those black and white London canvases/posters that just have a touch of red added - they are awesome.   Another way to get a little bit of red into a room is - yes you've guessed it - with a throw pillow or two!

There are lots of different shades of red and these throw pillows also have different amounts of red in them.   A lovely way to introduce it is by having a couple of patterned designs that use red in them and then a plain bold red cushion like the first one featured to put between them.

Let's have a look at some of the red hot cushions I've found for you here.

Red and White Patterned Throw Pillows

Red and white is classic color combination and there's a reason for this - the white helps to take the overpowering nature of red down a notch so that more people can enjoy the color without feeling overwhelmed!

Let's have a look at some of the cool cushions I've selected for you in this color combination -

checkered pattern (red) pillow Red Quatrefoil Pattern Pillow
Keep Calm and Proofread (kepe) (in any color) Pillows Red Chinese Love Symbol Pillow
Red and White Bike Pillow The Reds Pillow

Black and Red Throw Pillows

Black and red can be a great color combination - there's the fun type of styles that incorporate black and red such as the Team Zombie cushion below which would be perfect for my brother's home office or a number of other zombie obsessed people's rooms.   It's the type of cushion I think would look great in a dorm room or a teen's bedroom as well.

Black and red also goes well when you're talking about a classic polka dot pattern.

The thing with black is it's great for use as a defining tool which means that if you want to use a pattern that embraces lots of different shades of red in it, black is a great secondary color as it can be used to divide and define the different shades.   Enjoy these next cushions -

Team Zombie in Black Throw Pillows Red and Black Polka Dots Throw Pillow
Red Squares American MoJo Pillow Basket Weave Red Throw Pillow

Red, White & Black Cushions

Now to really pack a punch try and combine all three colors - they look sensational!   I like these next patterned throw pillows, especially the daisy one which I think would look lovely on a daybed on the verandah.   The music inspired one is also beautiful and I'm sure my daughter would absolutely love it if she didn't have a purple themed room at the moment!

I have 'cheated' a little with one of these cushions as they have a pale mocha color on them as well, but this just goes to show that you can add red accessories to a neutral, mocha based color scheme and it will work wonderfully.
Personalized Red and White Paisley Pattern Country Pillows Red Polka Dot Daisy Throw Pillow
Piano Keys Music Notes Grunge Floral Swirls Throw Pillows Cute red flowes and butterflies pillow

Red with Shades of Pink Throw Pillows

When I was growing up I remember being told that red and pink don't mix - well they weren't to know about these next fun cushions were they?

I think these two throw pillows are perfect for a teen's bedroom as it adds a touch of fun to their room and lips and hearts seem to be perennially popular with that age group!
Lipstick Lips Pillows Red hearts pattern throw pillows

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