Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leopard Print Throw Pillows

There's just something about animal prints and leopard print in particular that seems to always find it's way back into our interior design.   At one stage it was just 'regular' leopard print designs that was being used for curtains, rugs, throws etc and then we discovered colors....... this millennium it's all about improbable looking leopard prints such as this green one -

Now if I'm pretty sure I'll never see a leopard in that shade of green if I live to be 150!   Playing with colors does produce some gorgeous leopard print designs however and it's a great way of injecting another color into a room or even referencing a color from a curtain, artwork, rug etc to help tie things together.

Checkout some other gorgeous leopard print designs in rather 'unlikely to find in the wild' colors -

I can't decide what color I prefer, but I know that whatever color I choose when I redecorate my lounge area there will be a cool leopard print throw cushion or two that will match it beautifully!   Check out the rest of the leopard print pillow designs at Zazzle.

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