Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fun Cartoon Animal Inspired Throw Pillows

Sometimes you just want to inject a little fun into a room which is where cartoonized animal throw pillows can be really effective.

Often when people see these cushions they think of putting them in a nursery or a young child's bedroom and while those rooms would be a great place for them they can also look great in other rooms.

Popping a cartoon cow cushion with a bright background in a home office can add a touch of fun to help alleviate the stress of paying bills or studying or the monotony of the work you've brought home to catch up on.

Likewise your teen may also enjoy one of these throw pillows in their room as a kind of ironic teen statement, my own daughter wants the zebra on a hot pink or lime green background while her cousin is after the elephant on an aqua background for her birthday.

I would love to pop a couple in our lounge to freshen up the decor, but unfortunately my husband isn't a big fan of these designs - are you? See which one you like and let me know where you'd like to display it in your home.

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