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Orange Throw Pillows

Decorative Orange Accent Pillows for Your Home or Office

The color orange is a bright and cheerful color although if it's used too much in your home decorating it can become over-stimulating which is why orange throw pillows are a popular way to add bursts of orange to your color scheme without overloading your senses.

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I've compiled quite a big selection of orange throw pillows for you to look at from vintage florals to retro dots so there should be something to suit your particular style of home (or office) decor.

My husband loves the color orange, but I find it hard to relax if there's too much orange around me so I try to incorporate one of his favorite colors in artwork and/or throw pillows so that it's a softer effect which we can both enjoy.

It's amazing how many different color palates can have orange incorporated into them - you'll get an idea when you see the different colors on these (mainly) orange pillows that I've compiled. Browns, greens, purples, pinks, yellows, reds and of course the obligatory black and white all work well with orange.

Let's have a look at the selection I've compiled for you and start to add some orange goodness to your decor.

Orange Floral Throw Pillows

A Flowery Orange Accent to Your Home Decor

Floral images are a classic design on throw pillows in general and the orange colored ones are no different. The florals include roses, tulips. daisies and more in some great designs as you can see here -

Vintage tangerine orange roses throw pillow throwpillowDaisy Collage throwpillowGlowing Canna Lily ~ Pillow throwpillow Orange Daisy throwpillowCalifornia Golden Poppy Macro throwpillowOrange Rose by Alexandra Cook throwpillow Orange Tulip Pillow throwpillowOrange tulip toss pillow throwpillowOrange flower pillow throwpillow

Not just actual flower images are used on these decorative pillows, but also floral patterns and designs are incorporated as they help to bring a beautiful orange accent to the decor.

Aloha Flowers - Pillow throwpillowBold orange flower decorative throw pillow throwpillowBloom Orange throwpillow Orange Mum Pillow throwpillowMonogram Floral American MoJo Throw Pillow throwpillowFloral Lattice Orange throwpillow Orange Blossom Special throwpillowFloral American MoJo Pillow throwpillowOrange lava pattern throw pillow throwpillow

Cute Orange Decorative Throw Pillows

Adding Some Fun to Your Home

Sometimes you just need to have a bit of fun with your soft furnishings whether it's for a child's room, rumpus room, or office these cute throw pillows are full of lots of orange fun!

Peekaboo Penguin American MoJo Pillow throwpillowOrange Sushi Pop Pillow throwpillowSmiley Cool American MoJo Pillow throwpillow Love Coffee throwpillowcute hearts on orange pattern throwpillowMoustache Orange American MoJo Pillow throwpillow

Orange Animal Print Throw Pillows

Some Wild Orange Accent PIllows

Animal Prints are really hot for use in interior design accessories right now and they are produced in lots of different colors including, yes you've guessed it, orange! These animal print decorative pillows are really cool and add a really modern twist to your home.

Orange and Black Animal Print Pillow throwpillowOrange Zebra Print American MoJo Throw Pillow throwpillowCool Orange Leopard Pattern throwpillow Tiger Print Pattern. Orange and Black. throwpillowOrange Leopard Print Pillow throwpillowOrange white zebra animal print throw pillow throwpillow

Orange Decorative Pillows with Stripes

A Classic Look

Stripes are a very classic look for soft furnishings and home accessories, but classic certainly doesn't have to mean boring as these orange throw pillows can attest to. It's amazing how different stripes can look and here you can see a modern look, a classic look, a chic look and a fun look all based around simple stripes and the color orange - home decor doesn't get much better than this!

Orange & White Chevron Chic Throw Pillow throwpillowOrange Stripes American MoJo Pillow throwpillowThrow Pillow, Abstract Stripes and Dots, Orange throwpillow Stripes orange black white throwpillowOrange Stripe American MoJo Pillow throwpillowOrange Block Stripe Pillow throwpillow Orange, Gray Retro pattern stripes Pillow throwpillowNew Orange & White Stripe Couch Pillow Gift throwpillowSun stripes throwpillow Yellow Orange Red Stripes throwpillowBlack and Orange Curved Stripes Pillow throwpillowOrange, Brown pattern stripes Pillow throwpillow

Orange Throw Pillows with Dots

Polka Dots & Retro Dots Decorative Pillows

Now people might call me a little dotty, but I love to see decorative pillows with spots or dots on them, some days I prefer a more traditional polka dot for my accent pillows whereas other days I love the modern retro dot look. You can see how well orange goes with a number of other colors in these dotty pillows and they definitely feature some of my personal favorite orange throw pillows.

Orange And White Polka Dots Designer Pillows throwpillowBig Orange Polka Dots throwpillowOrange Polka Dot Pillow throwpillow Funky orange retro pattern. throwpillowOrange and White Polka Dotted Cushion throwpillowThrow Pillow throwpillow Pastel Polka Dot Madness Mojo pillow throwpillowModern Disco Sunset Big Cushion Pillow throwpillowPolka Dot Orange throwpillow Summer Orange Dots Pillow throwpillowOrange Pink Polka Dots American MoJo Pillow throwpillowOrange Big Dot throwpillow Funky Dots Orange American MoJo Pillow throwpillowChocolate Bouncing Dots Pillow throwpillowMod Dots on Dots American MoJo Pillow throwpillow

More Orange Throw Pillows

It's okay we're coming to the end! There were just so many different types of throw pillows available that we didn't want to miss out on your favorite style of pillow.

These decorative pillows below don't fit in any of the categories above, but I wanted to include them as there are some great designs that could look great in your home.

Orange or Purple American MoJo Pillow throwpillowTango Orange Seashell Pillow throwpillowOrange throwpillow White Ginger Jar on Orange Chinese Lattice Pillow throwpillowBe Mine Pillow (orange back) throwpillowOrange Rectangles throwpillow Voodoo Spirit throwpillowTartan (Orange) Pillow throwpillowJumbo Orange, Black, White Striped Circles Pillow throwpillow

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