Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cupcake Throw Pillows for Girls

Cupcake Pillows - Good Enough to Eat!

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Throw pillows are a great decorative element for a girls bedroom and these cupcake pillows are no exception. Cupcakes are a great theme for a girls bedroom and the pillows that you can use to add texture to the look of the room and make your child think you're "so kewl!" really are good enough to eat.

There are a number of different cupcake cushions you can use from plush pillows to cotton pillows, the hardest problem that I think you'll have is choosing the best cupcake pillows to get - there's so many to choose from!

My daughter seems to think you can never have too many throw pillows so perhaps an easy way of making a decision is by getting one of every cupcake cushion here!

Plush Cupcake Pillows

Warm & Cuddly - They Also Look Delicious!

These gorgeous plush pillows are simply gorgeous and any one of them would look great as a throw pillow for a girls bedroom, simply choose the one you think is good enough to eat!.

More Cupcake Throw Pillows

There's even more selection of cupcake decorative pillows on Amazon including these delicious looking ones -

American MoJo Cupcake Pillows

American MoJo also have some awesome cupcake inspired pillows available for sale. These throw pillows are made from 100% grade A cotton which means that these soft pillows will look and feel fantastic.

Cupcake mojo_throwpillowUnicorn Cherry Cupcake American MoJo Pillow mojo_throwpillowHoney Cupcake mojo_throwpillow Cupcake Pillow mojo_throwpillowColorful Cupcake Pattern mojo_throwpillowVanilla Cupcake Pillow mojo_throwpillow

More Gorgeous Cupcake Cushions

There's lots of different cupcake cushions available through Zazzle who use designers from around the world to come up with delicious designs and then work with manufacturers such as American MoJo to make great quality products. These next cupcake pillows designs include Kawaii Cupcakes and Personalized Cupcakes.

Let's have a look at the collection right now......

Kawaii Cupcake Throw Pillows

Cute Kawaii Cupcake with Sprinkles mojo_throwpillowKawaii Princess Cupcake American MoJo Throw Pillow mojo_throwpillowCute Kawaii Cupcake Pillow mojo_throwpillow Sweet Kawaii Cupcakes American MoJo Throw Pillow mojo_throwpillowKawaii Banana Cupcake Pillow mojo_throwpillowKawaii Star Pillow mojo_throwpillow

Personalized Cupcake Throw Pillows

Kawaii Princess Cupcake American MoJo Throw Pillow mojo_throwpillowCustom Cupcake mojo_throwpillowSweet Like Sugar Cupcake Pillow Personalized mojo_throwpillow

A Gothic Cupcake Throw Pillow

Gothic Cupcake Pillow mojo_throwpillow
There's even this gorgeous Gothic cupcake pillow for the child who likes cupcakes on the one hand, but also likes Gothic inspired designs - it's not quite the pop punk pink skull princess style of decor, but I think the cupcakes on this pillow are kinda cute.

My daughter's not really into the cupcake bedroom theme herself, although she thinks it would be ideal for younger girls (ie a whole year younger than her!), but if I let her see this design I'm pretty confident she'd suddenly want a cupcake pillow for her room!

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