Monday, July 21, 2014

Patchwork Owl Inspired Throw Pillow

I love this particular throw pillow as it features an owl design which reminds me of a patchwork owl.   From my owl store - Hooting Owls - this design is my latest offering.

This design is pretty cool because of the patchwork style pattern incorporating paisley style with polka dots and lots of different colors.   It will look great with a range of different colors.

I think it's the incorporation of the polka dots that makes it appealing to me because I do love to include polka dots in my home decor from polka dot clocks to polka dot throw pillows and this is a fun way to incorporate them.

Of course it's also an owl and who doesn't love owls?

This design comes with six different colors on the other side of the cushion each of which picks out a different color in the design.   You can also get these colors as plain throw pillows right here -

Incorporating the plain cushions with this cool owl cushion can look great, check out a few different ways of mixing them below -
Owl Home Decor

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